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1 Epiphany 2019

The story is told about a drunk who stumbled along a baptismal service on Sunday afternoon down by the river. He proceeded to walk down into the water with the people and stood next to the Preacher. The minister turns and notices the old drunk and says, “Mister, Are you ready to find Jesus?” The […]

2018 Christmas Day

A long time ago, in Communist Russia, there was a famous weather man named Rudolf. He was a devout communist and always had a 100% accuracy rate for his forecasts of the Russian weather conditions. His people loved him and respected him for his faultless foresight. He was particularly good at predicting rain. One night, […]

2018 Christmas Eve

The story is told of a grandfather who was babysitting his 5 year grandson. At bedtime the little boy was gotten ready for bed, they read a bed-time story together and then the grandfather went downstairs and began to read a book.  Later that night a loud thunderstorm happened and the little boy was awakened […]

4 Advent 2018

The story is told of a bookie who was at the races and all but losing his shirt.  At the fourth race he noticed a priest step out onto the track and bless the forehead of one of the horses lining up.  Lo and behold, that horse – a long shot – won the race. […]

3 Advent 2018

Are any of you familiar with the “Where’s Waldo” books? The author Martin Handford began producing them in 1987 and he is still putting them out. They are sort of picture puzzle books. The pictures are full of people, things, and in different places but somewhere in this picture there is Waldo.  He always wears […]

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