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9 Pentecost 2020, Proper 13

Two magicians are walking down the street, arguing over which of them is the better magician. As they walk they see a bakery and the first magician says to the second, “I am such a great magician, I bet I can take three donuts from this store without being noticed.” They walk into the store […]

8 Pentecost 2020, Proper 12

Optical illusions are interesting in that once you see a picture one way it can be difficult to see it any other way. You know Jesus spent a lot of time trying to help people see life differently. Sometimes we get so used to looking at life one way or understanding spiritual things or God […]

7 Pentecost 2020, Proper 11

What do you think the drummer named his identical twin daughters? Hello! Anna 1, Anna 2 Did you hear about the fellow who failed his Calculus exam because he was seated between two identical twins. It was hard to differentiate between them. Twins, there are famous stories about identical twins The Prince and the Pauper, […]

6 Pentecost 2020 Proper 10

A lady was picking through a bin of frozen turkeys, but she couldn’t find one big enough for her family. Before she dug deeper she decided to ask someone so she asked a stock boy, “Do these turkeys get any bigger?” The stock boy replied, “No ma’am, they’re dead.” Communication, isn’t it wonderful? Sometimes we […]

5 Pentecost Proper 9 2020

The story is told of a boy who was earning nothing but ‘F’s in public school. His parents talked with him, the teachers talked with him, the principal talked with but there was no change. He wouldn’t behave in his classes, he didn’t do his homework, he wouldn’t study and he kept failing. Finally, in […]

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