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18 Pentecost 2018 Proper 20

The story is told of a fellow who boarded a crowded subway and as he was standing in the aisle he was bumped and fell to the floor. Angrily he said as he turned around, “Don’t mess with me, I know karate and” and then he saw the fellow who had bumped into him. He […]

17 Pentecost 2018 Proper 19

At one point in time the most listened to man on the radio was Paul Harvey. Paul had a trademark phrase, remember?  He would tell some story of a life-changing event and then tie this story in with a famous person and then conclude with the phrase, and now you know the rest of the […]

16 Pentecost 2018 Proper 18

The second part of our Gospel reading tells about a deaf man who was made to hear. This reminds me of the story about the guy who was mostly deaf. He finally decided to go to the doctor to see if the doctor could help him. The doctor prescribed a tiny hearing aid that essentially […]

15 Pentecost 2018 Proper 17

Which would you prefer for your best friend: a person who always says courteous words, or a person with a good heart? Which would you prefer for a husband or a wife: a person who always behaves well and speaks politely, or a person with a good heart? Which would you prefer for a child: […]

14 Pentecost 2018 Proper 16

Jack Benny was known for his penny-pinching and miserly ways. Once while walking home late in the evening he was accosted by a man. The man pulled a gun and pointed it at Benny and said, “Your money or your life!” Shocked, Benny just stood there frozen. Finally, the robber said, “I said, your money […]

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