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6 Epiphany 2020

In our Gospel reading today Jesus warns his disciples, us, about three dangerous emotional responses, first the danger of anger, second the danger of unrestrained sexual desires and thoughts, and thirdly about rash promises. We don’t really have the time to cover all three areas today so we will consider the one with which most […]

5 Epiphany 2020

There is the story of the young woman who wanted to go to college, but as she was filling out her application she was confronted with the question, “Are you a leader?” Her heart sank as she considered the question and herself, but being both honest and conscientious, she wrote, “No” and then she returned […]

The Presentation of Our Lord 2020

There is the story of the two fellows who lived and breathed baseball. They were professional players with the Atlanta Braves and you would think that playing for a living would be enough. But not so – these guys breathed, ate, and slept baseball. More than teammates, they were very close friends. So, they talked […]

3 Epiphany 2020

A person once said that the difference between a hunter and a fisherman is that the hunter lies and waits and the fisherman waits and then lies. The story is told of a man with two buckets of fish sneaking away from a lake was stopped by a game-warden at a State Park. The game […]

Ecumenism Homily

The story is told of a man who was walking across a bridge and came upon another man standing right on the edge, about to plunge to his death. The first man shouted “Stop! Are you a Christian?” “Yes, as a matter of fact I am.” “Well so am I. Are you Catholic or Orthodox […]

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