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St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church


St. Andrew’s has numerous ministries through which we serve our community.  Members and regular attenders are encouraged to step into these areas to help.

The Backpacks Ministry is one where we fill children’s backpacks with food so that children will have food over the weekend. This ministry meets on Thursday morning to fill and then deliver the backpacks to the school for the children. The church number is 352-683-2010.

St. Andrew’s Thrift Shop – people interested in assisting here may contact the Thrift Shop Manager.  Typically, people are scheduled one day a week from 2 to 4 hours. The number to the Thrift Shop is 352-686-1114.

Pastoral Care Team visits the sick and homebound of our congregation.  People who feel led can contact Janet Crisfield to discuss participating in this ministry. The church number is 352-683-2010

Our Food Pantry ministry is where we provide food for those in need. Currently we are assisting families who are part of the Praying Hands Pre-School.